How Real Estate Software is Changing the Game

It’s no surprise that one of the fastest growing digital transformation sectors over the past few years has been real-estate. After Zillow released the floodgates - accommodating close to a whopping 200 million annual visitors - software and digital technologies are completely transforming the way people buy and sell real estate.

Zillow was, in some ways, the straw that broke the camel's back. A very large straw, certainly, but real estate was being primed for a digital takeover for nearly a decade - consumers have long used tools like Craigslist and even email to try and shoehorn real estate transactions into a smoother experience online.

Today, the game has changed. Modern real estate happens online, and software has not only made traditional real estate much more efficient - it’s introducing revolutionary new methods and techniques into such an age-old industry. Take Cher as an example — we’re making it easier than ever to find a co-owner for your future home.

Why Should You Use Real Estate Software?

Simple: because everyone else is.

It sounds a bit trite, but at this point it’s simply impossible to function in the industry without using real estate software. The advantages of a good real estate software toolkit are so great that the vast majority of your peers in the industry are using it. By resisting the tides, you not only miss out on dramatic efficiencies others are enjoying, you’re likely losing access to a tidal wave of different opportunities not in your traditional networks.

Real estate software makes real estate simpler, more streamlined and, ultimately, significantly more profitable. Long gone are the days where real estate tools are buggy, ancient relics. Modern real estate software is smart, slick and powerful.

How Cher is Changing the Future of Real Estate

Speaking of real estate revolutions, one of the biggest new methods of real estate ownership is co-ownershipIn particular, the millennial generation (raised into a world of sharing economies) is embracing non-traditional forms of home ownership that have taken the industry by storm.

Cher allows people to find co-owning opportunities with people around the world - a centralized, free platform to discover other people in a similar financial position looking for a similar arrangement.

Gone are the days where real estate requires decades of saving, and can often form a precarious investment - particularly for younger buyers. Cher is working with real estate brokers, marketers and tech professionals to build a new economy, where people can get together and make the industry more accessible and inclusive to a new generation of homeowners.

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Best Real Estate Software in 2020

Without further ado, here is a list of the best real estate software available in 2020 - the vast majority of these found the bedrock for anyone serious about real estate.

There’s no age-old problem more persistent in the world of real-estate than that of finding good leads. There’s probably no inefficiency greater for real-estate investors than that of finding warm leads out of their massive (and messy) prospect databases. solves this problem with the power of modern technology and AI, using data-driven techniques to find the best contacts in your list.

Cloud MLX

Tired of ridiculously dated MLS interfaces that make you feel like you’re stuck in the 90s? Legacy software is a real problem in the real estate industry, and nothing makes the professional more draining than having to grind through clunky, dated software to make deals happen. Cloud MLX is modernizing the MLS interface, and synergizes with several other software tools from the company's suite to help manage your entire end-to-end operation.

Storm Dialer

If you’re not using an auto-dialler to get through your cold calls, you’re leaving a TON of efficiency on the table. Although in the REDX ecosystem, there’s really no power dialer on the market quite as effective for real estate agents than the Storm Dialer. You can talk features all you want, it ultimately boils down to how easily you hop from one call to the next - and in that came, the Storm Dialer rules the roost.


We’re wary of all-in-one platforms for realtors - too often they have overly opinionated features that aren’t very useful and just get in the way. It’s usually best to use different tools together and build a smart workflow to manage them. Propertybase is a HUGE exception, however. Centered around a core CRM built on top of Salesforce, the Propertybase platform gives you just about everything you’ll need in the industry - MLS search, websites, email marketing, contact management, automation and more.


Remember how we talked about fancy future-tech you don’t want to be missing out on? This is Exhibit A. Revaluate uses ridiculously powerful AI (that’s been 3rd party verified - aka, it’s not just a buzzword!) to go through your database and identify the best prospects. Revaluate’s super smart AI analyzes millions of data points to determine when your prospects are likely to move.


In 2020, there’s no excuse for a robust, custom website for anyone serious about real estate. It’s no longer enough to throw up some standard Wordpress template and expect to stand out - your competition is building websites specifically optimized for real estate, and winning your business with it. Placester is the industry standard website builder specifically for real estate professionals. It’s extremely user friendly, has a strong support system and is fairly priced.


Consumers are increasingly becoming tired of traditional channels like email, SMS or - god forbid - phone calls to manage a sale. It’s cumbersome and prone to constant delays and miscommunication. Instead, more and more realtors and consumers are shifting towards solutions like Homesnap, apps that allow you to collaborate with your buyer directly on listings as they navigate the process.


Spacio’s tagline is fantastic, and really sells their benefits: “Discover the Power of Paperless Lead Generation.” In less marketing-y terms, Spacio manages your open house sign-in process, allowing you to have a seamless way to track openhouse prospects. You can create a beautifully automated process that lets your open house guests check in with ease, and automatically be sent into a drip email process to help build them towards a sale.


Part of what made Zillow so disruptive when it came on the scene is that it allowed people to value houses more easily - even if their process was quite simple (and wildly, famously off the mark a lot of the time). Modern tools like HouseCanary bring really high level analytics, data science and artificial intelligence to your back pocket as a way of valuing real estate. Third party analysts rates HouseCanary as one of the best predictive tools on the market for assessing market value.


While 3d tours have become quite normalized recently, the post-COVID19 era will likely see virtual tours as the backbone of real estate discovery. Realtors and sellers that aren’t engaging great solutions like NodalView to make 3d tours accessible to potential buyers are literally leaving real estate on the table.


If you were one of the first on the boat on Facebook and Google ads for real estate, congratulations - you’re probably sitting out on a pretty enviable view from your superyacht right now. For the rest of us, however, as those ad channels have increasingly saturated and added more and more limitations to a broker’s ability to reach leads, it’s time to hop on the next big channel. AI-driven advertising campaigns are the new heat, offering dramatic new opportunities in lead generation for realtors.

The Bottom Line

Real estate was a bit slow to hop on the bandwagon of disruptive technology, but it’s come roaring out of the tail of the pack in recent years. Realtors have discovered that their audience is entirely online, and a solid software stack combined with an intelligent workflow is the key to reaching them.

In this day and age, there’s no escaping it - those who stay on top of the latest trends in real estate technology will win the deals their peers simply won’t.

Interested in co-ownership in real estate? Explore the trendy new approach to real estate with Cher today and join the new revolution in real estate investing.

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